Tuesday, September 27, 2022

This company wants to use carbon dioxide to store renewable power on the grid

Compressing gases to store vitality isn’t new: for many years, a couple of services round the world have been pumping air into big underground caverns underneath strain after which utilizing it to generate electrical energy in a pure fuel power plant. However Power Dome turned to carbon dioxide due to its physics.

Carbon dioxide, when squeezed to excessive sufficient pressures, turns right into a liquid, which air doesn’t do until cooled down to ultra-low temperatures. The liquid carbon dioxide can match into smaller metal tanks shut to the place renewable vitality is generated and used.

In Power Dome’s designs, a versatile membrane holds the carbon dioxide in an enormous dome at low strain. When extra electrical energy is on the market, the fuel goes by way of a compressor to attain excessive strain. This course of additionally generates warmth, which is saved too.

Then, when vitality is required, the saved warmth is used to heat up the carbon dioxide, which decompresses and turns a turbine, producing electrical energy.

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