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Self-Stacking Lego Domino Machine Is Perpetually Mesmerizing

Though it’s a sport that may hint its origins again over 700 years, most individuals know Dominoes as a enjoyable chain response toy that’s really solely enjoyable in terms of knocking them down, not the hectic strategy of stacking them up. With that in thoughts, Grant Davis constructed a self-stacking and self-toppling domino machine utilizing nothing however Lego, and it’s an engineering marvel.

Constructing machines that may stack domino tiles in lengthy chains is comparatively easy. The truth is, there have been battery-powered toys that may try this because the ‘80s, driving alongside and dropping dominoes one after the other till they run out. Even Mark Rober designed and constructed an automated domino machine that may stack 100,000 tiles in 24 hours, far outperforming even essentially the most gifted human stackers.

The place all of those automated machines fail, is in terms of resetting a domino chain after they’ve all fallen. What’s normally left is a multitude of scattered tiles that must be cleaned up, and manually re-loaded again into the stacking contraptions. The place’s the enjoyable in that? Davis needed a greater resolution: a machine that each stacks dominoes and knocks them over all by itself, time and again, in an infinite loop requiring no human intervention. And to make issues further difficult, they restricted themselves to Lego to make it occur.

Infinite LEGO Domino Machine (World Document)

There have been many layers of complexity to constructing this machine, from designing the lifting mechanisms to reliably increase the person dominoes after they’ve fallen, to a intelligent ground construction that opens to permit the reset mechanisms to do their factor, however rapidly closing afterwards so the brick-built dominoes have one thing to fall on. Additional complicating issues is the truth that dominoes by no means fall and find yourself in the identical place twice: an issue that Davis solved utilizing magnets borrowed from Lego’s practice units (used to couple practice automobiles collectively) hidden inside every domino inflicting them to completely realign themselves with magnets within the ground when raised again up.

All-in-all, Davis estimates they used over 4,000 Lego items to construct this machine, and spent 300 to 400 hours over evenings and weekends perfecting its design. It topples and raises a set of 10 dominoes each seven seconds, which signifies that if left operating for twenty-four hours, it could probably set a world document with 120,000 dominoes stacked in a day’s time. In case you’re nursing a turkey hangover right now, this 12-minute video is an interesting have a look at simply how far the engineering limits of Lego could be pushed.

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