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Tied up and humiliated: Victims of the Koglweogo, a militia network, filmed in Burkina Faso

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Individuals sitting on a bench with their toes chained collectively … that is the scene that our Observer in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, filmed and despatched to us. The individuals in the video have been arrested by the Koglweogo, a community of vigilante teams created to keep up order. This video is a uncommon perception into their strategies of management, working outdoors the regulation to combat in opposition to petty crime. 

The video is just 11 seconds lengthy, however in it we will see not less than 5 individuals, their toes sure with chains. One individual in the video speaks Mooré, one of the languages used in Burkina Faso, earlier than one other individual says to cease filming.

The scene passed off on March 20 on the outskirts of Ouagadougou at the headquarters of a group of Koglweogo. The Koglweogo are militias, fashioned as early as 2015, typically made up of civilians to counter a rise in crime.

However in fulfilling their mission, the Koglweogo have additionally been responsible of utilizing extreme drive, mistreatment and abuse. 

‘For the Koglweogo, the presumption of innocence doesn’t exist’

Jean-Yves (not his actual title) witnessed this scene and despatched us this video.

These individuals have been there for varied causes. There have been some who have been there for instances of theft, instances of embezzlement. I noticed a baby who was there additionally as a result of he had run away from house. I feel he was barely even 12 or 14 years previous. And I noticed a younger man who was there as a result of he was having hassle together with his brothers over their inheritance. So that they wished to accuse him of some issues so they might preserve him out of the inheritance.

For the Koglweogo, the presumption of innocence doesn’t exist. Individuals are typically chained up with out being given explanations. If nobody brings meals to those arrested individuals, they don’t give them something. We see a white bucket in the video: that is the place the individuals relieve themselves. They don’t seem to be allowed to go to the lavatory.

We spoke to Samir Abdoul Karim Ouedraogo, a self-proclaimed spokesperson for Koglweogo management, who instructed us that it’s “justified to restrain a person in order that he doesn’t flee, however the state of affairs should be evaluated in response to how harmful he’s”.

He added that he disapproved of the therapy of the individuals in this video. 

‘Individuals can’t simply change state establishments’

Since January 21, 2021, a regulation entitled “Volunteers for the Defence of the Fatherland” (VDP) has allowed most of these Koglweogo teams to “voluntarily serve the safety pursuits of their village or space of residence” by contracts with the state, permitting them to obtain coaching. However many militias proceed to function outdoors this framework, significantly in the Ouagadougou area.

Many individuals in Burkina Faso help the Koglweogo, so incidents like these do not all the time entice vast consideration.

Jean-Yves defined:

I have to say that, earlier than, I had no drawback with the Koglweogos. However after I was there, I used to be shocked, as a result of the situation in which these individuals have been handled was abominable!

We reside in a nation dominated by regulation. Individuals can’t simply change state establishments. On this day and age, I do not suppose that this sort of follow needs to be allowed to proceed. 

Final December, the safety minister of Burkina Faso held a convention with the Koglweogos and different native safety teams. 

He confused the significance of their efforts, particularly in the combat in opposition to terrorism in rural areas. However he failed to say their wrongdoings, nor did he query their strategies.

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