Cassidy Goodson

Cassidy Goodson, the 14 year old Florida teen accused of murdering her new born son was sentenced to 18 months in a plea deal.

If Cassidy completes her program without incident, she’ll appear before the judge again in 18 months. At that time, she could be placed on probation and set free


Ok, lets examine the facts. The media had been reporting she hid the fact that she was pregnant from her parents. Did she have any one she thought she could trust to turn to and tell someone about this? A school counselor, friend, or did she feel so afraid of what her parents would do that she didn’t say anything? Obviously the fact that she was afraid to tell her parents not only is an indicator that there might have been bigger issues at home, but that her parents are at fault to.

The news also mentions that she strangled the baby. Ok, yes that’s bad, however if she could not drive, and she thought she couldn’t tell her parents. At that point, she pretty much was not thinking straight, otherwise she would of sought help. I’m not saying that she didn’t have no other choice, nor am I trying to defend her. The point is, if you were in her position, how would you have gone about this? Would you have gotten help? Think about how scared she might have been not knowing who to turn to for help.

Additionally, the news also mentions that she didn’t feel guilt when she admitted what she did. If you were in her position not knowing what to do and feeling like you couldn’t trust anyone, what would you feel? Maybe she convinced herself that she wasn’t pregnant, or that she didn’t just do what she had done? Either way she needs counseling and help as she obviously wasn’t thinking straight when she killed the baby.

Now, on to the punishment. Lots of people have posted hate comments on Huffington Post and other sites saying that she should get life or death. However, remember what we outlined above, did the other sites take time to dive into this and offer reasonable thought? Or did they just post the facts? Yes, the facts are horrible, however if Cassidy Goodson had gotten life, or death punishments, it would have been another life lost. What she did was wrong, however giving her life or death is wrong as well. Her punishment of 18 months is not good enough though, she needs counseling and help. Yes, she should get some time away in jail, 18 months is a good amount of time for her crime and age, what she really needs is counseling and help.

Here is a comment from a user at that summarizes the situation, and adds to our opinions as to why we think what we do about this case.

I don’t believe she should be given a life sentence. As horrible as it is that a baby has died, this girl does not fully understand her actions or the conseqences that are coming her way.

With her open confession and the re-enactment she probably feels she will get punished with a few years in jail but I am sure she doesn’t fully comprehend that for the next 60 years she will be in a 10×10 cage. Her mother has sold her out as well as her public defender. She has been wrote off as a lost cause by society.

They call her an adult but at 14 but she really does not have the mental maturity to be called an adult.

She cannot legally vote, have sex, or join the military until 18 and cannot drink until 21 but yet she is now an adult. If she stole something at walmart her parents would be responsible for her actions since shes a minor until 18……….. It’s an unjust legal system……..

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